Kristene Enloe

ceritfied labor doula

Pregnant?  Need a little more support?  Want to have the best birth possible?  Then you need a doula!  


I have always been enthralled with pregnancy and birth.  I couldnt wait to get pregnant with my husband and start our family.  He was the level headed one and made me wait until we had insurance.  I complied, but as soon as that acceptance letter came in the mail I was pregnant within that month!  I was able to give birth twice with the wonderful midwives in Alaska, where we lived at the time.  


Our third child was a bit of a different story.  We found out, at 19 weeks gestation, that he had a major heart defect.  We could no longer deliver with midwives or in Alaska for that matter!  I was flown to Oregon and stayed with my parents until I was induced and gave birth to a beautiful boy!  If you have a high risk pregnancy I can be there for you, help you navigate the information, all the special lingo, and assist you in the best birth possible for you!  My son is 14 years old now and doing oh so well.  I have to buy him shoes every two months because he is growing so much!  


I looked into becoming a midwife but decided it was not the right path for me, at the time, so I laid that dream to rest and focused on raising my family.  We moved to Redding CA in 2005 and adopted two precious teenage girls.  What a blessing that has been! 


One day I came across an ad for Doula Training.  A light came on in my soul.  I talked to family and friends and there was a resounding response of support.  Everyone, including myself, knew I had found my calling.  I applied for the scholarship and was awarded one and that is when I knew my searching was coming to an end.  I have devoured every book and cried several times through my training because I just "felt at home".  The ladies I trained with are now my sisters.  


Being a doula is my heart's passion.  I love to help, I love to calm people, I love knowing how the body works through pregnancy and birth.  Being a doula has blessed my life, and I would like to be a blessing to you!